Smarter product data collaboration between brands and online retailers

A whole new approach to data exchange


How it works

Brands can automatically sync their catalogue so that retailers access their product data in the exact format they need.

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Key features for Brands

The easiest way to share your content

Feature 1

Easy to use

Drag and drop interface with zero coding skills required.

Feature 2

Direct integration

We developed plugins for most of the existing IT frameworks.

Feature 3

Increased accuracy

Our algorithm immediately spot inconsistencies within your data sources.

Feature 4

Control oriented

Manage which retailers has access to which data.

Key features for Retailers

Increase the quality of your content while automating your content process

Feature new 3

Highly flexible

You can access our database through an API, specifying the exact format for each field

Feature 2

Time to market

Reduce your content creation lead time by 90%

Feature new 2

Enriched content

Benefit from extra data valuable for your whole organization

Feature new 1


Track every single changes and make sure you benefit from the latest content


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We support also any need beyond through an entreprise scheme. Just contact us direct for any specific quotation.

We believe in Open Source

Sharing your product data with the world is far more valuable than owning it. Regardless of the size of your organization, uploading and hosting your product catalogue on Scalia is free if you make your collections public.

About us

Strong mix of Engineering & Creative team behind our product

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About Scalia

Scalia is a team of passionated entrepreneurs willing to bring the latest technologies and collaboration technics to the world of product standardization. We want to be Github for the product hosting space.

Our mission

We are determinated to automate the whole product data exchange workflows in order to save our customer money, time and frustration while opening new business opportunities.

Our founders

Matthias Richard

MEng from ESTP in Electrical and Mechanical engineering
Computer vision research at Stanford
Award winner at Entrepreneurship Competition

Lancelot Salavert

ESSEC Entrepreneur & Full stack developper
Former Head of Lazada Vietnam operations
Founded a large online distribution venture

Not convinced yet?

Check out these awesome features

  • Feature cta 1

    Machine Learning

    We consolidate and standardize hundreds of data source using Machine Learning algorithms.

  • Feature cta 2

    Content curation

    We constantly rate our data sources in order to push only the most accurate ones to our customers and flag inconsistancies.

  • Feature cta 3

    Media file editing

    You can edit images directly through our API call in order to maintain consistency across your products.

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