Smarter product data integration

Turning messy supplier inputs into consumable data

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How it works ?

Enforcing a data standard on suppliers has become a thing of the past

One to one One to many Many to one Many to many
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Why Scalia ?

Gearing up your content process without wasting energy developing in-house solutions


Save time and money

By making suggestions for 85% of the incoming inputs Scalia automates a huge part of the content tasks.


Give autonomy to the business team

No more back-and-forth with the developer team. Scalia is tailored to your operational needs with your own wording.


Scale your operations

Don’t limit your assortment because of content backlog. We’ve designed Scalia with scalability in mind to help you achieve operational excellence.

Scalia’s features

Managing every possible aspects of the product data life-cycle

Flexible integration

Scalia is capable of reading multiple inputs from different formats and to consolidate them together in a single data catalogue

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Media management

Through semantic matching Scalia can link a media library to a given catalogue

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Automatic sorting

Scalia makes category suggestions in order to assign any product to your category tree

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Value detection

Scalia suggests values by scanning images, text and using web scraping to enrich and complete your product data

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Normalizing your data

Scalia converts raw data inputs from your suppliers by suggesting standardized values according to your own wording

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Enabling data controls

Scalia is capable of understanding and correcting semantic, visual and analytical inconsistencies according to your own predefined control rules

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Comprehensive task management

Scalia lets you define your own processes by allocating users to teams, respecting your workflow needs

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