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How it works

Brands can automatically sync their catalogue so that retailers access their product data in the exact format they need.

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Key features for Brands

The easiest way to share your content

Feature 1

Easy to use

Drag and drop interface with zero coding skills required.

Feature 2

Direct integration

We developed plugins for most of the existing IT frameworks.

Feature 3

Increased accuracy

Our algorithm immediately spot inconsistencies within your data sources.

Feature 4

Control oriented

Manage which retailers has access to which data.

Key features for Retailers

Increase the quality of your content while automating your content process

Feature new 3

Highly flexible

You can access our database through an API, specifying the exact format for each field

Feature 2

Time to market

Reduce your content creation lead time by 90%

Feature new 2

Enriched content

Benefit from extra data valuable for your whole organization

Feature new 1


Track every single changes and make sure you benefit from the latest content

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